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1 November 2016

The story of the 470 - still the best boat to bring sailing to the Olympics. Representing mainstream sailing, making the Olympics accessible and unsurpassed in gender balance ...

The 470
Representing Mainstream Sailing at the Olympics

•    Two-person dinghy sailing represents the sport’s universal appeal and the 470 brings mainstream participation to the Olympics, stimulating opportunity and growth
•    From 5-35 knots, the 470 guarantees exhilarating racing in strong wind and waves, balanced with tactical racing in light conditions
•    Symmetric spinnaker sailing and the range of sail and rig controls allow optimum tuning, a skill fundamental to sailing in the widest context
•    Sailors must be accomplished in all aspects of sailing; tuning, tactics, strategy, technique, boat handling, agility and teamwork

The 470
Making the Olympics Accessible

•    An easily sailed boat, providing emerging nations realistic access to the Olympics
•    Attractive choice for youth sailors, with natural progression and an achievable pathway to the Olympics
•    Modern and economical “off the shelf” equipment is available around the world
•    Enables diverse weight and height participation, taking Olympic Sailing to a large % of the world’s population

The 470
Strength in Gender Balance 

•    Two events in one class as using exactly the same equipment
•    Men and women train together, sharing coaches and resources  
•    Matched events and standardized equipment support solid growth and stronger, more sustainable development programmes
•    The 470 is the only boat for lightweight men and women

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